The first play of the 2022 The EDGE Season — MOTHERLAND.

   Winner of the Robert Bone, Jr. Memorial Award, Motherland examines the search for salvation in an apocalyptic, dystopian world, with distinct Texan and Mexican music and cultural influences.
   Desperate to escape a deadly and hostile landscape, unlikely companions Pearl and Annie are pitched together as they travel toward a beacon of hope, a place they know only through folklore and legend, the Motherland.
   Called by the song of La Andadora (She Who Walks), Pearl and Annie encounter a number of colorful, strange and unusual characters in their journey of hope and survival.

Written by Jim Tyler Anderson  |  Directed by James Bush.


May 13 @ 7:30PM

May 14 @ 7:30PM

May 15 @ 2:30PM

May 20 @ 7:30PM

May 21 @ 7:30PM

May 22 @ 2:30PM

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