Up on the high plains, it’s easy for the eye to fool us into flatland sameness as far as the eye can see. But hidden from view on top of the Caprock are its edges, and that’s where the beauty opens up unexpectedly.

Venture to The Edge and the landscape instantly becomes more challenging … falling away into rich color, textures, and varieties of life.

Welcome to THE EDGE, A Company of Fine Artists

A group of professionals, students, and community members from theatre, dance, music, and education who believe that the arts enrich, broaden, reveal and heal the communities in which art thrives — deepening awareness, understanding, and relationships among people of all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. 

Education is a keystone in performing art. Theatre is a team sport. Our educational programming develops leadership, communication, teamwork, discipline, practice, and execution. The Edge offers classes for children and adults, apprentice training, and community dialogs — all facilitated by educators and trained professionals.

Contact us with the form below or directly at: admin@edgetheatrelubbock.org

There are lots of paths to The Edge…

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