We are a group of professionals, students, and community members from theatre, dance, music, and education who believe that the arts enrich, broaden, reveal and heal the communities in which art thrives — deepening awareness, understanding, and relationships among people of all kinds of backgrounds and cultures.


2019 A handful of friends who had graduated with Texas Tech University theatre degrees, and shared values, disciplines and visions about the art of creating and presenting theatre, started a discussion. We talked. A lot. About our various professional theatre experiences and what we had learned. How, despite living and working in various parts of the nation, we still had great love for the theatre and artistic landscape in West Texas. And about the kind of theatre we longed to create, teach and share on the South Plains.

We wanted to create a different kind of theatre company for Lubbock in five key ways:

  • A defined focus on art that examines contemporary social and justice issues
  • Programming that is specifically for, by, and about people of diverse identity
  • Development and nurturing of playwrights and new works
  • Drama Therapy programming for individuals in recovery from addiction and trauma
  • A Production Board structure incorporating a professional model

2020 THE EDGE: A Company of Fine Artists was incorporated as a nonprofit arts organization in Texas. Our incorporation certification documents and By-Laws are available for public inspection upon request. Email: admin@edgetheatrelubbock.org

2021 THE EDGE: A Company of Fine Artists begins work on its first production, Strange Fruit, directed by Stephanie Johnson. Debuting on June 19th, 2021. 

Mission: “WHO ARE YOU?” — George Sorensen

Mission Statement – THE EDGE: A COMPANY OF FINE ARTISTS is a collective of interdisciplinary artists who provide education and development through mediums of fine art producing a synergy of transformation among participants, audiences, and the community as a whole.

Vision: “BE EFFECTIVE.” — Ronald Schulz

Vision Statement –  We (THE EDGE: A COMPANY OF FINE ARTISTS) envision effecting our Mission through programming for all ages that explores the contemporary human condition where “Attention must be paid” (Arthur Miller) through: classes; artistic production and exhibition in theatre, music, dance and visual arts; playwriting and creation of new work; and through art and dramatic therapy for individuals recovering from trauma and addiction.


Ginger Angstadt

President, Founding Director

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Ginger Angstadt (Ph.D. Fine Arts Theatre – Texas Tech University) currently works primarily as a free-lance lighting designer in Community & Regional Theatre, and as an adjunct for Wilmington University, with a long history of regional and professional lighting design for theatre and dance that stretches across the country from New York, Baltimore, and Washington DC to Texas, including Jose Limon, Garth Fagan, David Parsons’ Project, Ailey II, New York City Jazzworks, Galina Panova, the Washington Ballet, Genevieve Durham-Caesaro at Texas Tech University, and the North Carolina Dance Festival. Ginger has also lit such notables as William Windom, Andres Segovia, Mary Travers, Jerry Seinfeld, Ben Vereen, Diahann Carroll, Lou Rawls, BB King, and Ruby Dee. She also designed for Lubbock Community Theatre from 2003- 2020.

Ginger was the director of the Children’s Theatre Outreach Program at Delaware State University, and has taught Acting I &II, Play Production, Playwriting, Directing, and Intro to Theatre and Cinema at the university level. She completed her Ph.D. at Texas Tech University with concentrations in Arts Administration and Design, with a dissertation on Educational Outreach and Theatre Programs. She is currently teaching English Composition 121 & 122 and Research.

Ginger brings her expertise in arts education for children and adults to the educational community series “Conversations with the Edge.”

James Beekman Bush

Vice President, Director

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James Beekman Bush (PhD Theatre and Psychology – Texas Tech University, IATSE Local 865) is an educator, director, designer, production manager, technical expert and freelance artist in theatre.

Since 1978, Jim has worked in multiple capacities for Old Globe Theatre, Sunbelt Scenic Studios, Pacific Staging Company, Texas A&M-Commerce, United Spirit Arena, Jones Stadium, Department of Theatre & Dance at Texas Tech University, Lubbock Moonlight Musicals, and the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center.

Jim’s professional theatre work also includes the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, San Diego Chamber Music Festival, La Jolla Jazz Festival, U2’s Joshua Tree tour, California Celebrity Theatre, National Comedy Festival, American Playhouse for WNET San Diego, and Ballet Lubbock,

His production work includes Blame it in Valentine (Jaston Williams), The Skin of Our Teeth, A Touch of Tovah, Lily Tomlin’s Works, Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe, and Lily Tomlin Live.

THE EDGE is enormously fortunate to have Jim’s artistic vision and expertise in its stable of professional theatre talents.

K. Douglas McKennon

Founding Director, Parliamentarian

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K. Douglas McKennon (SAG-AFTRA) is a native of the South Plains. He attended Texas Tech University majoring in Theatre Art with an emphasis on Acting and Directing, studying with George Sorensen.

McKennon has acted, directed, and produced over 250 productions on stage, television and film in Lubbock, Abilene, Dallas, New York, Vancouver and Los Angeles. He was last seen on television in his recurring role as ‘The Freedom Guy’ in Arrested Development for FOX television. McKennon has worked professionally for over 30 years.

Over three decades ago, he was a founding member of the Lubbock Community Theatre restart. He was last seen on stage in LCTs ‘9-5’, and directed ‘Epic Proportions’, breaking new ground on the South Plains. McKennon is a vigilant supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and rights. As a director, he is visionary in blind casting.

He returned to Lubbock to write. McKennon has run for public office on several occasions speaking out against injustice and fighting for liberty.

McKennon brings his unflagging energy and voice in support of marginalized individuals and communities to THE EDGE.

Sean Allen Jones

Treasurer, Founding Director

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Sean Allen Jones (BFA Theatre – Texas Tech University, SAG-AFTRA) is an actor and director who has worked in theatre, film and television across the United States. He is a graduate of the theatre program at Texas Tech University where he trained under the late George Sorensen.

A member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, Sean lived and worked in Hollywood, CA, for over twenty years. Sean has also worked in theatre Off-Broadway in New York City and Los Angeles.

Sean Is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies at Texas Tech University and is seeking licensing by the State Board of Texas and accreditation by the North American Drama Therapy Association to become a board certified drama therapist.

He brings his skills and understanding of art as a healing tool to the curriculum of “Conversations at the Edge.”

Stephanie Johnson

Founding Director

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Lubbock Native Stephanie Johnson Is a writer, playwright, dramaturg, and content editor with a love of language and the deeper meanings of words. She is the author of Strange Fruit: A History in Blackness.

Stephanie manages three Facebook pages, Word Worthy, Menlaninqueenpen Fan and MQPF InnerView 3-5, spaces where she shares her collective of written works.

Stephanie’s theatre experience includes co-directing Strange Fruit for The Edge, LCT’s “Ripcord” (stage crew) and “The Sanannah Sipping Society” (dramaturg), WOTW’s “You Must Meet My Wife,” and had her short play “Where Lyfe Cuts” selected to be performed at the LHUCA Firehouse Theater at the March 2020 First Friday Art Trail event.

Stephanie has been instrumental in developing “Conversations at The Edge” with The EDGE, A Company of Fine Artists, an educational program series employing theatre techniques for children and adults to create community based conversations on timely social justice issues.

Terri Wilson


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Terri Wilson (BFA Theatre – Eastern New Mexico University; MFA Theatre Arts -Texas Tech University) is an actor, director and playwright. She has performed in some 20 college and community theatre productions over the past 35 years. Terri has spent time in Los Angeles and Santa Fe in pursuit of her acting career and has had three plays that she has written fully produced at four different venues around the country.

She has worked in libraries for the last 24 years and is currently the branch director of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Libraries in Amarillo.

The Edge is more than delighted to add Terri as a voice, mentor and contributor to our Playwriting and New Works program.

Tobyn Leigh

Secretary, Founding Director

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Tobyn Leigh, (MFA Theatre Management/Arts Administration – Texas Tech University) is a stage actor, director, producer, and consultant for non-profit organizations, and has been a voiceover artist with nationwide clients for 40 years. She studied theatre with Ronald Schulz, George Sorensen, Chris Markle, Norman Bert, Jonathan Marks and Linda Donahue. Her she-ro is Lubbock actor and playwright Sylvia Ashby — friend, mentor and inspiration of 50 years.

Tobyn’s earliest theatre work was with G.W. Bailey at Lubbock Theatre Center beginning in 1968. She has worked at Lubbock Community Theatre, Hayloft Dinner Theatre, Texas Tech University Department of Theatre & Dance, The Union Theatre El Paso, Southwest Repertory Organization, The Cactus, Florida State University School of Theatre, and the Kennedy Center.

Tobyn brings her passion for women’s social justice issues in works of theatre to The Edge.

Tori Marie Stowick

Founding Director, Business Manager

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Tori Marie Stowick (MBA – University of Arizona Global Campus) is an actor, choreographer and director who has worked primarily in Chicago, Illinois. As a Lubbock, Texas native she is thrilled to have found her way home and part of THE EDGE. She is a recent MBA graduate of the University of Arizona working as a Senior Commissions Manager for one of the largest telecom brokerage companies in the country by day, with a heart for the arts by night.

Over the last decade, she has performed in shows across the Chicagoland area such as 42nd Street, Anything Goes, Singin’ in the Rain, Wizard of Oz to name a few. She is also one of the original cast members (now associate director and choreographer) of Let It Be Christmas with EPIC Theatre Company going on to sell out shows regularly since 2008. With over ten years of teaching experience, Tori is excited to bring to life the performing arts education platform for dance and theater.

She happily brings her business mindset along with her passion for the arts to the table as she comes home to Lubbock, and THE EDGE.

Theatre Art as Healing & Transformative

“I was walking down 42nd street one day, I wasn’t workin’ 42nd street, I was walkin’ 42nd street. And this amazing thing happened to me.
It was July it was about 98 degrees. It was hot, hot for New York you know, and I was walking east and this humungous person was coming west. And she had this big blue house dress on peppered all over with little white daisies. She was almost bald but sitting on top of her head, forehead you know, on her forehead was this fried egg.
Which I thought was really unusual.
Because in New York City the ladies with the fried eggs on their heads don’t generally come out until September or October you know. Here was this lady, this demented lady with a little fried egg on her head in the middle of July.
God what a sight and ever, ever since I saw that lady not one day goes by that I don’t think of her and I say to myself,
‘Oh God, don’t let me wake up tomorrow and want to put a fried egg on my head. Oh God.’ Then I say real fast I say,
‘Oh God, If by chance I should wind up with a fried egg on my head’ cause sometimes you can’t help those things you know, you can’t. I say to myself,
‘Don’t let anybody notice.’ And then I say real fast after that,
‘If they do notice that I’m carrying something that, that’s not quite right and they want to talk about it, let ’em talk about it but don’t let ‘em talk so I can hear. I don’t want to hear it.’
Cause the truth about fried eggs, you can call it a fried egg, you can call it anything you like, but everybody gets one. Some people wear ’em on the outside, some people they wear ’em on the inside. But you know, everybody’s got one.”
— Bette Midler, “Hello In There,” Live At Last, 1977.

Everybody’s got one.

Secular and faith systems alike universally recognize that human beings by nature are fallible. Imperfect. But beyond the frailty of human nature is the messy business of living itself that deals out its blows where it will. Genetics, happenstance, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, finding ourselves in situations that – for whatever reason – we are ill-equipped to navigate successfully. 

And as fate would have it, we humans are not dealt these blows in equal measure. Some fried eggs are bigger than others, “but everybody gets one. Some people wear ’em on the outside, some people they wear ’em on the inside.”

Such is an aspect of the human condition. We sob and we sing. We struggle and we celebrate. Theatre Art, at its most Aristotelian, seeks to educate and entertain by reflecting the human condition in all its glory and in all its shambles. And in doing so, it also seeks to provide some healing in a broken world.

At its very best, Theatre Art is a nurturing and collaborative process whereby voices are freed, voices are heard, our stories are told and entrusted one to another, both among the participating individuals and ultimately with the wider audience. And in these transactions there lies the possibility of transformation.

“Attention must be paid.” — Arthur Miller

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