“Now is the time…and the time is always right to do right.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr


Mr. Rivers is a classically trained theatre actor who has dedicated his life’s work to keeping alive the spirit and inspiration of the late, great Dr. King through his awe-inspiring renditions of over 20 of Dr. King’s speeches in their entirety.

Sitting in an audience and listening to Gerald literally become Martin Luther King, Jr is an experience that everyone must have at least once in their lifetime. To hear King’s words and have them delivered with such passion and urgency, propels the listener to a higher level of consciousness. He speaks to that part of us that says “Stand up. Do what you know is right. Take action now!”

Gerald has been recognized by the King Family, the King Center, NAACP, and The National Baptist Convention. He was also invited to be a part of the Dr. King Memorial Dedication Celebrations in Washington DC.

sponsored by Lubbock National Bank, Heather Hollingsworth, Ginger Angstadt & Sara McClarty