Sponsor the Legacy

The Edge Theatre is proud to announce its collaboration with East Lubbock community leaders in celebrating Black History Month 2024.

Save the date and join us on February 18 at Lyons Chapel for an extraordinary program featuring Gerald C. Rivers—an acclaimed actor and orator renowned for his moving renditions of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speeches.

In our quest to make this event memorable and accessible to all, we have set a fundraising goal of $10,000. Your support is invaluable, and we are reaching out to you for your generous contributions to help us achieve this ambitious target.

To ensure affordability for a wider audience, we are actively seeking sponsorships. By partnering with us, you directly contribute to offering tickets at a reasonable cost, thus enhancing the inclusivity of this remarkable event. Your contributions, no matter the size, will have a significant impact and make a difference in our community.

We have various levels of sponsorship available, allowing you to choose a level that aligns with your capacity and commitment to supporting the arts and cultural events in our community.

To get a preview of the mesmerizing talent that Gerald C. Rivers brings to the stage, we invite you to view the video showcasing some of his notable work.

Your involvement and support will play a crucial role in making this celebration of Black History Month a resounding success. Thank you for joining us in this meaningful endeavor.

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Our mission revolves around using Fine Arts for transformative education and development. Our theater is a beacon for art that transcends entertainment, addressing social justice issues and amplifying often underrepresented voices. Our intentionally inclusive programming is crafted by and for individuals with diverse identities. Through our theatrical endeavors, we aim to foster understanding, empathy, and shared narratives that reflect the richness of human experiences.

Beyond the stage, we contribute to the healing process by providing drama therapy for individuals recovering from addiction and trauma. Believing in the therapeutic power of the arts, we use drama as a tool for self-expression and healing. Our holistic approach aims to make a positive impact on the journey towards recovery and resilience.

In essence, our mission is to create a dynamic and inclusive space where art serves as a catalyst for social change, education, and healing, going beyond just compelling performances.

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